It might be your first time at Xtreme or you may not have been in a while. Do not worry though! We have compiled a list of some common questions we often get asked to try and help you plan your visit! If there is anything that is not on the list then please contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

Q. How long are the jump sessions?

A. Jump time is 60 mins, Family/Tot and Inclusivity sessions are also 60 mins .

Q. Do you have to wear trampoline socks?

A. Yes, approved trampoline socks must be worn on the main arena and toddler area. These can be purchased at reception if required.

Q. Can under 16’s come along themselves?

A. No. Anyone under the age of 16 MUST have an adult present with them in the building for the duration of the session.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Something that is sporty and comfortable for you. You will be bouncing around and possibly doing some tricks so it is best to wear something that is loose and can accommodate the movements.

Q. What time do you close at?

A. If you check our opening times at the bottom of our page, this has all our opening times.

Q. Do we need to watch the safety video every time we come?

A. Yes. You need to watch it every time you come regardless of how many times you have been.  This can be found on our main page.

Q. Do we need to complete a waiver every time we come?

A. No, If you complete an online waiver form, it will be valid for one year!

Q. Can under 5’s jump on the main arena?

A. During the family session, kids aged over 2 years can jump with an adult on the main arena.

Q. Do we need to book?

A. Yes, due to Covid 19, anyone wishing to attend must book online, complete a waiver and watch the safety video on our site.

Q. Can I still complete a paper waiver and watch the brief when I arrive?

A. No, due to Covid 19 paper waivers are no longer accepted.  There will be no safety briefs prior to jumping as this must be watched as part of your booking process.

Q. I haven’t received my confirmation email of my booking?

A. Please check your junk or spam folder